Where We Land

from by ampersandman

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This actual situation never happened, and that "you" is a purely fictional girl. It's more a distillation of my life experience. You know, like losing five jobs in just four years. Hashtag disappointment.



That bar again
and I'm really glad to see you
though the occasion's not so great
You just got sacked
your company got shut down
so we will have one on your severance pay

And all those months, all those hours overtime
That time that you agreed to spend
Gone forever
with a handshake and a smile
Where we aim is just
so far from where we land

You'll start again
and we both know you will
though at that point it makes no real sense
You give your best
then the world turns against you
swipes you off your feet and laughs at your expense

Next time they ask you at a job interview
where you see yourself in five years or in ten
You might just shrug and ask
"What does it matter"
when where we aim is just
so far from where we land

And then we're drunk
and I really want to kiss you
we agree I'll walk you home
Then at your doorstep
you briefly say goodnight
shut the door and leave me standing in the cold

And as I walk home I keep thinking to myself
it's as ironic as it gets
It was not your intention
but you clearly made your point:
What we want is just
so much more than we will get.


from Februaries, released January 12, 2016




ampersandman Berlin, Germany

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