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The challenge was: Write a song with an extended ending passage… bonus points if there is a complete shift in the music to a new chords and melody. Examples: “Layla” (Clapton), “Hotel California” (Eagles), “Hey Jude” (The Beatles).

I've been working like crazy on this and super happy how those loose ideas I had really came together.

I had the initial idea some time mid-february, did a quick recording and called it "closer", because it sounded like a potential song to close an album with. Then I noticed the double meaning, so the word "closer" had to go into the lyrics. Again, I didn't bother much about the words and made it a song about going away (and I know there are tons of them). Embarking on a journey is just the right subject for this. I already had the vague idea to make this a little longer, so the epic outro challenge was just tailor-made for it.



it's time to leave this place
I gotta leave it behind
gotta get away

maybe I'll miss you all
but I won't miss it as bad
as a life of my own

Even though I might end up on the street
it brings me closer to where I want to be
don't ask me where I go
but if I don't go now
I might just never know

And if I fall
I will get back on my feet
it brings me closer to
what I want to be so

this time it's no one else
when I'm far away
I will be closer to myself.


from Februaries, released January 12, 2016




ampersandman Berlin, Germany

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